Residents: Who Lives at Holton Home and Bradley House?

How big is each Home?
Bradley House serves 36 residents and Holton Home serves 35, all in private rooms.  Staying small means we know each resident well.  We like that.

Who do you serve?
We serve elders who are at least 65 years old.  Most of our residents are in their 80s and 90s.  A few have cars and may volunteer in the community.  Some go for walks around the neighborhood alone.  When the weather is nice, most of our residents enjoy getting outside on the Home’s walkways and in the gardens or just sitting in the gazebo.  Many are most comfortable leaving the grounds when they’re with someone else who can assist them. 

Are you a welcoming facility?
Absolutely.  We embrace diversity among all residents and their families.

Do you serve people from outside the Brattleboro area?
Many of our residents come from out of town to be near family members.  All are welcome.

Will you take someone who . . . ?
Residents must be able to get to the dining room for meals under their own power although in some circumstances that can include a power wheelchair.  Residents respect the privacy of each other’s rooms and avoid actions/behavior that would compromise others’ quality of life.  Early dementia, including memory loss and some confusion, can often be accommodated.  We can serve insulin dependent diabetics if they are on a regular insulin dose – one that is not variable - and if they can self-inject.