Finances: Can I afford Bradley House or Holton Home?

Does insurance cover the costs?
Medicare does not but long-term care insurance policies do cover the costs of residential care.  Vermont also has a special Medicaid program called Choices for Care that can help.  In addition to financially qualifying for long-term care Medicaid, care needs must be high enough to qualify for a nursing home, but care can be delivered in our more home-like atmosphere.  Most residents pay for their care with their own funds.

What are your rates?
Holton Home and Bradley House are uniquely affordable. Rates for those who do not qualify for the Medicaid Choices for Care program depend on how much care is needed, and are $147, $165 and $189 per day.  Rates are all inclusive.  Suites, with a bedroom and living room, are 50% more.  For comparison, a private room in a nursing home costs two to three times as much as a room at Holton Home.  For more information on rates, click here.

What services do you get at each level?
Every resident gets whatever they need.  Staff don’t know residents’ daily rates.  They just do whatever is needed and requested.  The Nurse and the Director periodically quantify what we are doing to be sure the right amount is being charged. 

What if we run out of money?
Most residents rely on a combination of income and assets to pay for their care.  If they exhaust their assets and their income does not cover the monthly fee, as long as they’ve been at the Home for three years or more, they pay what they can (according to a state formula), and apply for Medicaid, which will reimburse us a small amount.  Kind donors help subsidize the rest.

Are you a non-profit?
Yes, we are a 501(c)3 "public charity" organization.  We are mission-driven rather than profit-driven.  Gifts to Bradley House and Holton Home are tax deductible.