About Garden Path Elder Care


A family of residents who are each and all living lives of meaning and vitality, however they define it.


Caring for Your Family as Our Own


Residential Care

The Homes provide elders with private rooms, each with a private bath.  Residents furnish their own room with familiar favorites, and are encouraged to hang pictures and make their room their own.  Our goal is a genuine home atmosphere in a community that is the residents' home first.

Included in the daily rate are nutritious meals and snacks, personalized care, medication management, nursing overview, transportation to medical appointments, and housekeeping and laundry services.

Our gardens feature raised beds with clear, wide pathways to improve access for our residents who want to help maintaining the beds by weeding and watering, or to grab a ready-to-eat snack of cherry tomatoes or berries. We also have a gazebo at each Home and several small sitting areas with what we call ‘conversation benches’ for residents and their guests who enjoy spending time in the gardens.

Small and Personal

We take the time to get to know each resident and through this process we learn their likes, interests, and hopes. Our committed and engaged staff utilize a care model intended to support the unique personalities and needs of our residents.  We recognize the strength and conviction of each individual and feel strongly that, to be of greatest support and service to our residents, we must meet them where they are with compassion and understanding.  We always say we work in our residents’ home, rather than saying that they live where we work. 

We don't take a “one size fits all” approach to resident care.  Because we see our residents as members of our family, they maintain the identity that they arrived with.  We move to meet them where they are, rather than expect them to change to our offerings.  Some residents like to go for a walk, some can’t; some want to participate in all our activities, some want only a few or even none; some require only to be checked in on each day, some need more consistent attention.  Whatever the needs of your loved one, when they join us, they’re treated as the wonderful and singular individual that they are.

Green Living

Vermont's the Green Mountain State and we choose to be green.  Both homes have flower and vegetable gardens.  We use locally sourced food.  We compost and recycle.  Capital improvements include energy efficient appliances, LED lights, high insulation values, and tight air sealing.  Holton Home has solar panels that contribute the majority of our hot water. 


Our Story

At the behest of Dr. Henry Holton and other concerned citizens, Holton Home was incorporated by an Act of the Legislature on November 19, 1892 as the Brattleboro Home for the Aged and Disabled.  It started operations in the old Esterbrook farmhouse on Western Ave.  In 1903, the farmhouse was picked up and moved back from the Avenue and the Greek Revival stone building was built.  In 2017, Holton Home celebrated 125 years of service to our community's elders and their families.

In an effort to convince the father of his beloved of his suitability, Richards Bradley built a large home on a rise overlooking the Connecticut River.  He and Sarah Williams Merry Bradley and successive generations enjoyed the home.  Richards was one of the original Incorporators of Holton Home!  After use as an apartment house, the Bradley estate was purchased by the Vermont Baptists as a retirement home for clergy.  More recently it was run independently as Hilltop House. 

In 2015, the two homes merged under the name Garden Path Elder Living. 

Board of Directors

Jill Brehm

Cathy Coonan

Jeanne Deyo

Vern Grubinger

Prudence MacKinney

Tom Martyn

Kris McDermet

Cathy Osman

Andy Reichsman

Ted Vogt